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Unsolicited candidature

Bambini S.p.A. is continuously looking for personnel to join its staff on land and at sea, on board the vessels of its managed fleet. 

Applicants to join Bambini S.p.A.’s organisation, may send their CVs by e-mail or fax to +39 0544 538544, complete with personal data, studies carried out, technical skills, level of knowledge of foreign languages and past work experience.

It will also be appreciated that additional elements, such as specific skills, tasks, availability or particular experience, which may be deemed appropriate for the proper evaluation of the proposals received, will be indicated. Greater emphasis will be placed on non-smokers.

Seafarers are also required to send a list of the titles and certifications they hold, with an indication of the main deadlines, together with a brief account of the embarkations they have made and the relevant qualifications held on board.

What can we do to help you?

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Positions Opened

Master>500 GTItaly/West AfricaFSIV
Chief Mate>500 GTItaly/West AfricaFSIV
Chief Engineer>3000 kWItaly/West Africa

The curricula received will be analysed and stored in Bambini S.p.A.’s archives, pending a selection of the applications received for recruitment purposes

In order to allow the evaluation of the documents, candidates must give written consent to the processing of their personal data, in compliance with art. 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.